Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a free online advertising engine for companies and webmasters who run dating and singles matchmaking websites. uses a state-of-the-art banner exchange system that offers a multitude of benefits. You will get a healthy exchange rate 5:4 and detailed traffic statistics.

How does it work?

You get more traffic by exchanging banner advertising. You would cut and paste a simple code into your pages - this code would display banners of other members on your site. Your banners are displayed on thousands of other dating and matchmaking websites around the world for free in exchange for advertising space on your sites.

This increases web traffic to your website and generates more sales for you.

As well, later you will be able to sell your ad space. This would deactivate your banner advertising campaign but you would receive financial compensation for your unused banner impressions.

Why exchange banners?

When visitors click away from your site you probably lose that traffic forever. Offering banner advertising means that you are exchanging "used" visitors for fresh ones who click on your banner on another client’s site. New visitors may stay to sign up for your services, meaning more sales for you. The more traffic you exchange - the greater number of people who are likely to visit your site. This means increased sales and better profits for you.